Lead Times

About Lead Times

Much consideration goes into determining how long each boot takes to go through production. All lead times are determined based on the date the order is placed. 

Factors Nicks considers are:

  • Order (Date & Time) Submitted
  • Number of recent orders
  • Number of orders in process
  • Supplier availability
  • Current and upcoming seasons (i.e. fire, harvest, winter seasons)
  • Labor Required
  • Fit/Last Availability
  • Other misc. factors.

These lead times are not determined lightly, while we believe they are accurate they are only an estimate. Actual build and delivery times may vary, and are subject to change.

All orders will receive an email when the order is finalized, issued to production, and ready to ship with tracking information.

What's entering production this week?

Orders SCHEDULED for the week of June 17th through June 21st.

Overstock orders have been issued to production or have shipped.
Leather Delay orders for MS Walnut & MS Black are entering production
for the next 7 to 10 days - based on leather type and date of purchase.

Entering production this week:

Please note that you will not receive a status update until the day before your boots enter production:

  • Quickship work leathers orders through May 24th
  • Quickship heritage leathers orders through May 3rd
  • Quickship Fire Boots orders through May 17th
  • Trade Boots Program orders through May 13th
  • Cutter's Choice orders through May 19th
  • Standard lead time work (Max Support, 1964 Easy Break-In, & WeatherShield Leathers) orders through January 9th
  • Standard lead time heritage (CXL Leathers & Natural Dublin) orders through December 1st
  • Shrunken Bison (All colors) orders through April 17th
  • Wickett & Craig (All leathers/colors) orders through February 18th
  • Wickett & Craig Free Range (All leathers/colors) orders through May 13th
  • Size Exchange and Warranty Boots through May 25th
  • Repairs Resoles (2-4 Weeks) Rebuilds (6-10 Weeks)


Limited Run and Collaboration Model Lead Times & Updates

Limited Runs entering production this week (of June 17th): N/A

ND3's There will be 40 orders of ND3's issued to production this week. Updated 6/15/2024.

Roper and Palouse Boot models will begin entering production soon. We apologize for the delay. 


Rose Anvil x Nicks - ND3 Batches:

RESTART: October Cancellation Sale 106574-106798 - have been issued to production. Updated 6/15/2024.

Please note: ND3's are currently taking about 3 to 4 weeks to complete, after the order has been issued to production. 

Lead Time Estimates


Standard Lead Time: 18-35 Weeks

Quick Ship: 8-15 Weeks

Size Exchanges and Warranty Replacements: 2-8 Weeks

In Stock Boots: 2-4 Business Days


Resoles: 3-10 Weeks

Rebuilds: 8-16 Weeks

Small Leather Goods

Classic work belts: 2-3 weeks

Heritage work belts: 4-8 weeks

Any stitched belt: 4-10 weeks

Travel Bags: 4-10 weeks

Tool totes: 2-10 weeks

Billfold Wallets: 1-5 weeks

EDC Cases: 1-4 weeks

Delta Insoles: 2-10 weeks


Material Delays

We are currently waiting on a shipment of the following materials. If your order requires these materials and you would like to make a change to avoid a delay please give us a call or send an email so we can update your order: 

  • 64 Walnut (Discontinued - no longer available)
  • 64 Black (on order/waiting on shipment)
  • Wickett & Craig leathers (Shipping)

Last Updated 6/15/2024

We strive to give every customer a memorable purchasing experience and we appreciate your patience and loyalty.